It’s all about Total Customer Experience.

We focus on how your audience experiences your brand as they transition from inquisitive prospects to loyal, repeat customers.
Our solutions have been designed to deliver content where your audience lives, both at work and in home environments.

Our Mission

The PTMG’s mission is to earn the trust of our respected client base. Our goal is to build and grow our client’s business, constantly looking for new and innovative ways to accomplish that. Digital is changing the way we approach the marketplace. New digital highways become available every day. It’s a full time job staying ahead of the curve, but when our clients round the bend, PrimeTime is there. Implementing new strategies is a job PrimeTime embraces.

We believe in our clients, and they deserve to believe in the character of their agency.

Our Values

  • Innovation: Improving what exists and introducing the new.
  • Balance: A work ethic that enhances our lives outside of the office.
  • Performance: Delivering results through research, intuition and execution.
  • Relevance: Socioeconomic impact with a global reach.
  • Simplicity: Straightforward approach to form, function and interaction.
  • Authenticity: True to ourselves and to our clients.