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Media Services / Marketing

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Joe is a child of the technology generation. Though he has vague memories of his parent’s record players and cassette decks, the “immediate gratification” of today’s world is where he feels most comfortable. Facebook, Twitter, you name it – Joe has been involved with them since their inception and has a firm grasp on the power of social media and the effects it has on all of our lives.

Joe studied Communications at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, to pursue his love of marketing/public relations as well as the written word. “Why?” is the question he finds most fascinating, much more so than the “who, what, when, or where?”

Along with an ear for creativity, Joe is behind all of the audio production at PTMG – sound effects, music tracks, and masterful audio editing WILL get your spot noticed on the air. Joe has lived in San Diego since 2005 and has been with PTMG since 2006. When he’s not busy raising two kids at home, you can find him (working in the audio booth,) that’s code for on the golf course